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Welcome to Rockingham Bridge Club.

In the beginning...
Through the drive and foresight of Peg Brady, Rockingham Bridge Club was founded in 1979.
Peg's class students of 1978 were the inaugural members and their first bridge session was held in the first week of July 1979, in the Library Hall, Rockingham. News soon got around that our bridge club had been formed. We quickly outgrew the small premises and moved to a number of halls until in 1995 a decision was made to find our own premises.
The Rockingham City Council offered their support, and with help from the Lotteries Commission, our own club room, adjacent to McLarty Hall in Shoalwater, was open for play on 12th November, 1999. The office and foyer extension/upgrade, were completed in September 2012.

Rockingham Bridge Club is renowned for its hospitality.

Wishing to learn how to play bridge, we offer lessons for complete beginners, or supervised sessions to bush up your skills, details under the "LESSONS" tab above

We are next to McLarty Hall, corner Watts Rd and McLarty Road Shoalwater.

Find us here.

Below a supervised session with Di Brooks

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